Thursday, 19 May 2016

1940's weekend celebrations in Haworth

Every year Howarth celebrates the 1940's with a tribute weekend.  It usually falls on the same weekend as my birthday and its very special treat to be able to spend the day enjoying the festivities along with hundreds of other visitors and many dressed in period clothing. 

Howarth is a lovely, quaint, Yorkshire town where the Bronte sisters also grew up.  Its one of those villages that you can go back to time and again and every time you'll see something else you missed the first time.

There are many fox stoles (spelling?) still worn on these special occasions, together with ladies wearing stockings with the seam up the back, ruby red lips, hair beautifully coiffed and then others in Land Girl dungarees and boots.

 Some of my photo's in this post are from previous years (2009 and 2013) but it would be unfair not to show a little of everything.

The villagers take great pride in keeping it clean, beautifully planted with spring flowering plants.  The high street and surrounding roads are well maintained, which is just as well because there are many (hundreds/thousands) of pedestrians that visit over the weekend.

We got to eat yummy street food as the cafe's and pubs were absolutely full of people resting their feet while enjoying a well deserve drink and a bite to eat.

I've enlarged this picture to show the paper cut out 'curtain/blind' in this shops window.  It's awesome and I'd love to know how it was done.

This post is already photo heavy so I won't add any more, but would highly recommend a visit and also suggest that you pop in at the Bronte parsonage (museum) and see first hand the conditions they lived in, the teeny tiny handwriting in the books and their dresses with really narrow waists.

On 25th June it's the turn of the 1960's era.  That should be fun.

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  1. what a small world Wendy, Helen went too, maybe you saw each other. I have been once and sated in a lovely hotel, it was sad though as it was for a funeral


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