Friday, 26 October 2012

Progress by the UK border agency

In about July I got stuck in with planning the border to add to the fab star centre block in Round One of the UK Border Agency Bee.  At first various fabrics got pulled to audition.  I also posted a pic with various fabric options for approval.   

Not having done something like this before (a medallion quilt) I was not sure how to get started and so read up a little bit and found that traditionally each border would be not less than 3 inches wide so that after it was added, it widened the size of the quilt by 6 inches.  That kinda gave me an idea of the size of flying gees I wanted to add, but first felt that a solid strip all the way around would help to define the different borders and also allow for new colours to be introduced.

So I started drawing out some flying geese on graph paper and found it very helpful in more than one way.  I knew that by using the graph paper drawing as foundation to sew on, the seams would be accurate, it would be easier to trim and keep tidy and make the strip stable until it was sewn onto the centre block.

This is what the finished block with it's full first border looks like and even though it is not perfect, I'm pretty chuffed with it.  It's going to be fun to keep tabs on it and see how it grows.

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