Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A plate or two

 Today is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday but I want to show you something I'm working on.  

During a visit to The Skep a while ago I found some fabrics grouped together in what I think they call a book.  I know that interior decorators have their fabrics all stapled together in the same way, only theirs is fancy shmancy with a handle so they can carry it around easily.  Anyway, the colour scheme and the gentle flowers caught my eye.  It was winter at the time and maybe I was wishing for spring .. who knows .. either way the fabrics came home with me :)

I enjoyed the hours cutting out dresden blades with my new dresden ruler and very soon I had seven flowers dresden plates sewn up.  Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a scrap quilt (because I love scrap quilts), it was cathartic to not be obliged to put certain fabrics in particular places.  When they were done they were placed onto a neutral cream coloured backing fabric with some other fabrics forming a framework.

Usually I do my own quilting but with a bout of frozen shoulder a while back I decided not to tempt fate and googled for a long arm quilter who was close to me.  Guess whose name popped up ........ Father's Heart Country Quilting or as Katie calls her Longarm Chris.

So I took the quilt top, batting and backing and went off to meet Chris.  She is really a lovely lady.  Her studio is out of dream land and she is ever so organised. She explained how it all works and I left it with her.  Yesterday morning the phone rang and it was Chris to let me know it was ready to be collected.  It was my day off and the perfect excuse to get out and also a chance to chat with someone who I'm finding is very wise too.

Now the quilt (which is bee-youtifully quilted!!)  is home and just needs the border sewn on.  As I'm off to work in a few minutes that will only be in a day or two, then I'll show you the quilt in it's final form.

So, until then, have a super day.

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