Monday, 9 July 2012

Sorting leads to a Success

So, my sorting and purging continues.  I'm looking at the house with new eyes and am saddened at just how neglected it has become over the period of time I had my nose stuck in books.  I got to say it really is good not to have any deadlines or having to sit into the wee hours doing research.   To get back on track overnight would take a miracle so I've decided to deal with it all on a reward based system.  So I do a chore and get to sew for a bit, do another chore and sew some more ... get the idea  It's working for me!

During my me time I sat fiddling at the table in my sewing area, trying to make space and tidy stuff up.  I get distracted so easily and while clearing the space ended up digging up some fabrics I'd forgotten I had. 

 Keeping in mind that I need to make my BQS3 partner a mini quilt, I started faffing, but without intention or plan.  In no time at all I had some hexagons cut, using a glue stick I fixed them to their backing and set about sewing them down using a straight stitch 1/8th of an inch in from their raw edges.  

 To quilt the layers together I've stitched between each hexagon and around the edges I've stitched ghost outlines of hexies.  

Going on what my partner said, it is not necessarily her thing, however, from the response left on the Flickr page,  there are quite a few that would be happy to have it hang on their walls.  Enman also loves it = yay!

It is going to take a while to complete sorting all the fabrics, I really didn't realise I had so much.  Hopefully in that time there will be the chance to make another mini quilt, and some other goodies.  Happy days! 

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