Tuesday, 20 July 2010

DQS9 update

After butting my head against the wall for a few weeks now this is what eventually appeared. A selection of autumnal fabrics grouped themselves together and then the heat 'n bond joined them. 4 Pieces of A4 taped together to form an A3 piece of paper, compass and pencil, lightbox ... a good programme on the telly ... you know what it's like once you're n a roll. After cutting out the shapes it was decision time: how to place the petals, or in this case the leaves.

It was wierd, because they just placed themselves. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?!

They are raw edge leaves and I've decided to stitch them down using buttonhole stitch and hopefully will be able to colour co-ordinate the thread. In the past I've used invisible thread but this time, maybe colour is in order. Then to be contradictive, it might be nice to quilt it with the lightest colour thread possible.

I'm really enjoying this one!

PS: I'm watching Bridget Jones: The edge of reason and thoroughly enjoying it. She is such a klutz.

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