Sunday, 18 April 2010

A weekend of rainbow spider web

Wow, what a weekend it has been! It's my turn next on our Sew2Speak quilting bee monthly calendar and I've been plotting for weeks. It started off by getting a load of rejected paper from the bin next to the photocopier, bringing it home and squaring it off then cutting the squares in half. Thank goodness Enman has a paper guillotine :)
Then I downloaded some graph paper and sat doodling.

All the time I was in a state of indecision as to whether to make the spider web blocks or to go with another old one that I've always like called Jewel Box. In the end, during one of my sleepless nights, the spider web won. My twist on it is that all the webs will run in rainbow colour lines. Jeesh, little did I know how much cutting out that would involve!! In the middle of laying out paper foundation blocks and placing strips I heard a familiar sound that normally irritates the hell out of me ... but not today

After a hedenistic interlude and smiling at the Monster which had it's first wash of the season and got to hang out in the sunshine (oh, be shush all you purist who tell us not to hang our quilts in the direct sun).

Harry took upon himself to guard our precious Monster ... yes, that is what we call it ... 'the Monster' ... even Mister Man had did a tour of guard duty. Soon it was time to get back to plotting.

This is what our bed looked like in the late evening. Notice the BIG mistake ... I didn't put down a sheet first so that the blocks could be pinned in place, so that when we went to bed I didn't have an issue moving them, so that when I got back to it today I would place them in the wrong places .... grrrrr By the end of today all the blocks and little pieces of fabric were in place. Note: I don't really do yellow/orange/red so I don't have any orange in my stash but out of necessity there is some yellow and some red. This rainbow has therefore been modified and red is pink, and orange is red and finally I got to sew a test block.

I'm so chuffed! Enman is cooking tea (supper for all those ourside of the UK) and I'm here bragging. Before he feels neglected I'd better just tell you that the greenhouse is done and dusted and looking good!!
It has a potting bench, with seedling pots on it waiting for them to germinate, a bar stool for Enman to sit on while he works in there, paved floor, solar powered fan in the roof, water on tap, big shelves for the plant boxes which will come in later when the seedlings have been transplanted, a frame for the tomatoes, squashes and marrows to be supported and a deep bed that Moi dug over and composted with compost from our own household compost bin inside . My man has such great green fingers and I really wish him many happy warm days in there.

It's been a good and productive weekend Down the Avenue. Hope you all enjoyed yours and that your week ahead is a good one.

Take care

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